Philips SuperAuthor

Wrote an article about a new release of a philips midrange word processor. The Philips SuperAuthor is a powerful, versatile word processor for today's demanding writer. It incorporates numerous advances in software design and text manipulation to produce a superior writing experience. The Super Author 3.0 from Philips is the latest version of their acclaimed software, and it features even more improvements to make your life as an author easier than ever before! For those who are not aware of this exciting new development, the Philips Super Author 3. 0 is the most recent model in Philips' line of top-of-the-line personal word processors. This machine provides users with quick, easy access to all of the writing tools they need, allowing them to get right down to creating brilliant prose. The Super Author 3.0 is based around an innovative software package that utilizes cutting edge technology. This system allows the user to easily perform even the trickiest text manipulations with just a few quick keystrokes! The entire layout is based around ease of use, so you'll never have to spend valuable time trying to figure out how something works or where something is located. The Super Author 3. 0 also boasts a special text manipulation system which improves the entire writing experience. This innovative program automatically corrects grammatical errors and misspelled words, saving you time that would be wasted otherwise. You can type out your entire novel without having to worry about fixing typos or calling attention to plot inconsistencies! As you may know, it is always important for an academic paper to be formatted correctly if it is to make any sort of impression on your instructor or professor. Luckily, this is now done automatically with the Super Author 3.0! Anytime you hit the "Enter" key, the software will automatically re-format your document for you. Philips SuperAuthor Word Processor Features The Super Author 3. 0 incorporates several unique features that enhance the writing experience. These include: Proven to be extremely reliable, the hardware for the Super Author is built with quality components. The case is made of solid metal, and all of the keystrokes are ergonomically placed for maximum comfort. The optical joystick makes the computer easy to use, even if you do not have much experience with computers! As you would expect from any fine piece of machinery, this system comes complete with a long list of outstanding features! For starters, you'll find an integrated ROM cartridge slot on this machine. This is an excellent way to ensure that you always have fast access to all of the latest software updates. This makes it possible for you to keep up with the latest news in your field! More surprising, this system is also compatible with wireless computers. The integrated card slot allows for Internet access, so it's easy for you to update your library or research! It even includes built-in speaker support, so you can always be sure that the system is working correctly. The Super Author 3.


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